My head feels like a fish tank…

Most of these days I seem to not be able to actually just sit or lay still…my mind just seems like there are 100s of fish swimming frantically about…not knowing where to go, but just knowing to “just keep swimming…just keep swimming…” (great now that line from the movie “Finding Nemo” is stuck in my head!) 

The funny thing is that I have SO MUCH on my mind…it is not PRODUCTIVE thinking!

I have tried writing thoughts, ideas, and emotions out to try and settle my mind…nothing…Praying and meditating and giving EVERYTHING to God…well, I know that does help to give anything and everything to Him…to be real with you most of the time my mind is still racing like some alley-cat’s heart after smelling a fresh  can of opened tuna! 

I just need to remember that…Yes, this is MY life, but I am not the ONE controlling my DESTINY! My Lord is doing that…the outlook might seem bleak right now…but that is not the case! WE all are here as well are made for a purpose!

This is what Jeremiah 29:11 says about YOU and ME“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

After reading this you may be asking “that it says He has plans to “prosper” and plans to “not to harm us”…but we are sick and not prospering…? Firstly, I believe everything happens for a purpose.  As we are dealing with an illness we can learn an immense amount about our selves, our families, and our friends!

I think when we look at the word “prospering”, we immediately think about the financial meaning of the word…but what about prospering in your relationships with your family & friends, to prosper spirituality, or to become strong and flourish in the area of your illness and become an advocate for others! 

Also, we all have seasons in our lives…some seasons are much longer than others…haha…I can’t contest to this…since I least it seems like the same season for over two years…Yet, this season WILL end..and my hope is that I will have had become a better person!

So whatever is going on in your head…if you can relax and settle your mind…or if you can’t right now…and no matter what season YOU may be in…just as the leaves are changing color on the trees outside…so do your SEASONS & CIRCUMSTANCE of LIFE will change!

Keep your head held high…and your feet a movin…just remember God has everything already worked out…so why do we keep stressing?



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About livingencouraging

I am a 28 year old, who has been going through a rough couple of years. It started with finding out I had stage 4 Endometriosis, then idiopathic gastroparesis, plus others health stuff! But, I am a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ, and believe in miracles and that He can heal of these crazy diseases! On a lighter note...I love my UNC TAR HEELS! Love to play & snuggle with my two miniature schnauzers Bailey & Jack (they are brothers), watch all kinds of movies/TV shows, read and relax(who doesn't like to do that?)!!
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